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Always interested in the world of photography, Matthew spent his formative years undertaking several courses to hone his skills. He earned a Certificate in Commercial Photography in 1993 before eventually gravitating towards dark room more exclusively. His extensive knowledge and skill in this area presented an array of working opportunities to be well on the way to running and managing his own lab at Tru Color by the end of 1995.

It all came to a head when Matt decided to open his own store, West Lakes Digital Cameras before moving on to Glenelg Camera Centre which became a popular destination during his five years as the head of operations. It is no wonder then after accumulating over 27 years’ experience as a lab technician that when he joined us at City Cross at the end of 2018, he completely revolutionised our lab operations!

Maintaining one of the last fully functional Fujifilm wet labs in Adelaide, Matt has the added responsibility of knowing how rare this machinery is now given the rise of cheap traditional ink jet printing. He prides himself on achieving consistent high-quality archival prints through our Frontier, all quality controlled regardless of the quantity of prints and is always open to discuss any specific requirements you may need including custom sizing.

Any black & white film booked in with us is developed on site by Matt’s practiced hand and he can accommodate for pushing and pulling as necessary upon request. As such, he is something of an expert in development and chemistry – which we readily stock and can special order as required. If you need any expertise in the art of film development, whether starting out or advanced, Matt is your man!

So, whether compiling a list of darkroom supplies, framing your enlargements, building your personalised canvases, or querying how to optimise your prints, Matt will be here when you need him!


Raised by Adelaide’s top photographic salesman, it's no wonder A.J fell down the proverbial rabbit hole!

She started as a casual sales representative at City Cross Camera House in 2017 and due to her dedication and hard work, was soon offered a full time position. Within a year she was made Manager and led the team as the head sales representative and photographic specialist.

During her time at Camera House, she was involved in various events with national suppliers from studio workshops at the Centre for Creative Photography with Nikon, to food photography with Olympus, to the Wonder Walls with Canon.

She was responsible for organising and hosting some of Adelaide’s most successful photographic events such as partnering with the Adelaide Zombie Walk, Sony Australia and Fujifilm Australia to raise money for Food Bank SA.

Camera House even nominated her to represent the company nationally at the Lumix Pro experience in 2018. Here she was able to put the Panasonic Lumix S series through its paces alongside legendary Australian photographer Ken Duncan.


Her work earned her national recognition when her image placed third in Camera House’s Photographer of the Year Awards (Portrait) and was featured in Australian Photography magazine’s February 2020 edition.


A.J had experienced the rise in popularity of analogue photography throughout this time. So, in July of 2020, after navigating a merger of City Cross with Twin City, she oversaw the launch of  Adelaide Photo Factory in Regent Arcade. 

Her passion for photography only grew once she delved into the world of film – citing picking up a film camera as the best way to learn the fundamentals of photography. Alongside Matt, the two of them established the lab as its own entity and catered to the needs of the growing analogue community. 

In 2022, she successfully graduated with a diploma in Screen and Media: Screenwriting from New York Film Academy Australia. Now she balances her career as a freelance screenwriter with running the lab at Camera House.




Nash is enthusiastic about all things film! He started digital photography back in 2018, but it was not until he saw his friend shooting film that he was drawn to the appeal and intrigue of analogue photography.

After graduating from a Bachelor of Creative Arts specialising in Screen in 2020, Nash had garnered a keen interest in lighting. This passion is evident in his photography. He tends to shoot a little bit of everything but enjoys shooting film to commemorate events with his friends – including their band gigs! When he isn’t booking in your film, he often finds himself working on various film projects, usually taking on a lighting or gaffing role in a local production team.

Nash can’t choose his favourite film stock, admitting that whilst Ultra Max has a special place in his heart, he loves all his children equally. When asked why he shoots film, he revealed that he enjoys the process. The precision, thought and skill needed to capture a great shot on film is so much more rewarding when it all works out!

The Camera House Family

Our story begins in Twin Street in 1967. Here Ron opened his own photographic repair business - servicing and repairing camera equipment for pro and enthusiast photographers alike. For over 50 years the team has been the destination for repairs, camera upgrades, professional advice and everything in between! 

About Adelaide photo factory

Flash forward to today where we not only continue to operate a thriving repair service and specialise in all things photographic  - but also combine a dedicated business for binoculars and telescopes via Adelaide Optical Centre plus a film lab (formerly Adelaide Photo Factory) all under one roof!