Terms of Service


Our focus is premium quality output from all photographic mediums. We strive to provide you with the very best service and product right in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. We are constantly working to bring you the best selection of film products, photo gifts and archival solutions and can arrange special orders upon request.



We currently operate between the hours of 9 AM until 5PM, Monday to Friday. Please be mindful that if you expect same day digital printing or an express film service, to ensure early drop-off.



All lab work requires upfront payment to cover time and labour, plus any chemistry and consumables used in the fulfilment of the order. Please be aware that film development is non-refundable as this is an irreversible service but any additional printing or scanning costs are eligible for credit.
Our Credit system dictates that any rolls that turn out blank or have fewer prints than expected are re-evaluated and any difference in price is rolled over towards your next order onto your account.


As a small independent business, we work tirelessly to provide the best products and advice and want you to be confident with your choices. A refund may be offered if we were unable to fully undertake a service or fulfil an order. We retain at least a partial payment for any lab work undertaken as this requires time and resources but are always prepared to give something back where we can. 
In accordance with Australian Consumer law we are not required to provide a refund for change of mind however if the product is in its original condition/packaging we are happy to offer a 14 day exchange or store credit. 
This excludes perishable goods which includes all film emulsions, chemistry and film packs for Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid. If the film is faulty, we will investigate and offer a replacement roll or pack of film provided there is substantial evidence that this is the case (as opposed to user error or a fault with the camera). 


Any expired film sold is disclosed as such and heavily discounted for purchase at the consumer's own risk. These products will not be exchanged or replaced.


Extreme care and appropriate measures are taken when any job is fulfilled in our lab by our technician of over 27 years’ experience. 

By booking in any roll of film, negative, slide or photograph with us you consent to the fact that in the unlikely case that your order is damaged, lost or misplaced, our liability extends only to the replacement of an equivalent amount of unexposed film or paper (a new roll of film or another print of the same size) as dictated by State and Federal Law. 



We endeavour to provide reasonable turnarounds on all our in-store services. Depending on the service, we may require additional time to fulfil based on what is required.

For film development, we ask you allow up to one working week for your order to be fulfilled. This allows us to effectively manage the large quantity of film that is booked in with us on a daily basis. We always try to fulfil orders as quickly as we can but depending on volume, we may require longer turnaround periods. Please note that hand scanning (half-frame), hand processing (Black and White) and high resolution scanning is more time intensive.