Profile Tape Runner 10m

Profile Tape Runner 10m

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Profile Photo Tape Runner is a clean and handy dispenser of acid-free, double-sided adhesive designed specifically for safely mounting photos into drymount photo album pages.

Both acid-free and photo-safe, the Profile Photo Tape Runner contains 10 meters of adhesive in a 9mm wide continuous tape pattern.

The ergonomically designed applicator is comfortable to hold, which smoothly applies the premium tape glue onto your page, photo or surface without any waste, mess or fuss.

Ideal for photo mounting and attaching photos to paper, the easy-to-use Profile Photo Tape Runner is quick, clean, and removes the need to have to peel separate tabs off a roll or manually apply tape by hand.

The high-quality adhesive will also allow you to lift and remove or reposition your photo within a few hours and it will not damage your photo album page or your photo. Over time the adhesive will cure and create a permanent bond securely holding your items in place and won't degrade. The adhesive has been formally P.A.T. tested by a scientific laboratory and classified to be photo safe for long term storage of photographic materials. (Read our Blog - What is a P.A.T. test?)

Profile Photo Tape Runner is perfect for a variety of applications. You can use it to hold photos in place for picture framing, stick photos into scrapbooks, mounting postcards, personalise gifts, school projects, art and crafts and more.

  • Easy to use
  • No mess, touch-free application
  • Smooth, continuous strip of double-sided tape glue
  • The tape is 9mm wide and 10mtrs long
  • Acid-free, solvent-free and photo safe
  • P.A.T. Tested to be confirmed as Photo Safe by the Image Permanence Institute for long term storage of photographic materials.
  • Made in Denmark with the highest standards and finest quality materials